Friday, August 28, 2009

Newport's Nuvo is closing

Looks like Saturday is the last day for Nuvo. I haven't eaten there but I heard great things and interviewed the owners earlier this summer for an article. I hate to see a local place shut down, but the restaurant business is a tough one.

Here's an email sent out today about the closing.

To All Our Friends,

It is with great regret that I must tell you that NuVo will be closing their doors for the last time under current ownership on Saturday, August 29.

The slow down in the economy and some unfortunate decisions made earlier have finally caught up with us and has made it difficult for us to continue. We truly thought that based on our small size we would be able to withstand this slow
period and hold out until the economy turned around but unfortunately that has not happened.

I felt it necessary to step outside this industry's standard and not simply close the door without telling those of you who have supported us this past year how instrumental you have been in allowing us to fulfill some of our dreams.

It has been a pleasure meeting so many amazing people and sharing stories and laughing about our passions for food and wine.

I hope you continue to support your local farmers as they are the ones who truly make this world go around.

And I ask that you continue to support your local restaurants as well.
This area has so many great places to dine and many of them are locally owned.

On behalve of Chefs Michael, Meagan, and Mark and our other staff, Megan, Alyce, Kristina, Stephanie, and Darryl,

Thank You!

Eddie Carter
527 York St
Newport, KY 41071

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