Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blue Ash unveils prospective new names for Airport Park

Blue Ash recently sent out an email survey asking for citizen input on the planned Airport Park at the corner of Reed Hartman and Glendale Milford. The survey lists several names to choose from, and also allows folks to suggest their own name. The survey is on the Blue Ash website.

The choices are:

"Blue Ash Park": Simple and descriptive name that describes the location of the park

"Crossroads Park of Blue Ash": Represents the location of the park at the crossroads of Glendale-Milford and Reed Hartman Highway

"Blue Ash Central Park": Centrally located in the heart of Blue Ash

"Watson's Aviation Park": Commemorating the history of Aviation in Blue Ash (Park Watson Airport)

"Blue Ash Airport Park": Represents the history of the park land, and is also what the proposed park has been referred to as throughout the planning process

"Blue Ash Summit Park": The property where the park is being developed is one of the highest points in Hamilton County

"Landings Regional Park in Blue Ash": A combination of Airport history and the regional asset the park will provide to the area

"Blue Ash Legacy Park": Refers to the history of the property

"Blue Ash Generations Park": A park built for all generations, including future generations

What do you think? Any catch your eye?


Xanae Lewis said...

For me, Blue Ash Airport Park is the best name for an airport park. It's easier to remember. On the other hand, BAAP would be a better acronym.

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Jennifer Swift said...

Watson's Aviation Park seems like a perfect name for an airport. It's unique at the same time.

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Jenny said...

I think Watson's Aviation Park will be a good name for the park because it focuses on the history of aviation in Blue Ash. This name will make it more appealing to outsiders.

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MisYahd said...

The property where the park is being developed is one of the highest points in Hamilton County
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Kenneth said...

For me Blue Ash Legacy Park will be the most appropriate name. It is the prettiest name for an airport park.

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Alexander Coder said...

This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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