Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dinner and a Movie at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center

Yes! Sharonville does have an up-and-coming fine arts center in the old downtown area. It's in the process of renovation, and I believe it's in an old movie theater.

I've driven past it several times, but have never stopped in. I finally got a chance over this past weekend when I won two tickets (through their FB promotion) to the center's Dinner and a Movie fundraiser. My husband was out of town that night, so my sister Sarah was my date!

The event basically took us through each section of the center. We arrived at about 7 p.m. and had a buffet dinner of pasta, salad and wine from LaRosa's. Afterward, around 8, we headed downstairs to the auditorium, which I am assuming is a remnant of the old movie theater. There was a big screen, movie seating and "OK" sound for an old building. The movie was The Holiday, your basic cute little RomCom, featuring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law.

Once the movie finished, we went over to the art gallery next to the theater area, for a night cap: coffee and homemade cheesecakes. Nom. Nom.

It's was about 10:30 or so before we headed out for the evening and we had a really fun time!

So, overall I would say it was a fun  night out, and a good way to get folks into the center. You can tell it's not yet finished, it was mostly an older crowd, and the event wasn't the most polished. BUT having said that, we didn't know anyone when we got there and people were very friendly and welcoming. I was encouraged to come back and even volunteer in the future, which I may well do.

Sometimes it's hard to find a sense of community in the 'burbs because people can be isolated and just doing their own things. It was really nice to see people coming together in the community creating something showcasing local art, culture and structures.

So I would suggest you drop by sometime and take a look for yourself. You can find some a calender of events on the Sharonville Fine Arts Center website.

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